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Past Work
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Past Work:  Si Electrodeposition

In a study to develop a method of Si film deposition onto low-cost substrates, thin layers of silicon were electrodeposited onto crystalline-Si, MG-Si, and silver substrates. Thin layers of thicknesses in the range10-60 mm have been grown. Growth rates of up to 0.75 mm per min have been demonstrated.  Growth is epitaxial on silicon substrates.  For more details, see the reference below.

J.T. Moore, T.H. Wang, M.J. Heben, K. Douglas, and T.F. Ciszek, "Fused-Salt Electrodeposition of Thin-Layer Silicon," in: 26th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conf. Record, Anaheim, CA, Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 1997 (IEEE, New Jersey, 1997) pp. 775-778.

wpe22.jpg (8879 bytes)

Epitaxial thin Si layer elecrodeposited on a multicrystalline Si substrate


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