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Silicon crystal growth consulting

Silicon materials research consulting

Silicon defects and impurities consulting

Silicon photovoltaic materials consulting

Silicon consultant for both conventional and new approaches to Si crystal growth 

Multicrystalline silicon ingot solidification

Silicon ribbon growth by various methods

Float zone (FZ) silicon growth with high lifetime, low defect concentration, and high purity 

Czochralski single crystal silicon growth and other conventional methods

Silicon consulting services are provided by Ted Ciszek who has over 45 years of experience conducting R&D on growth of silicon materials for IC, power, detector, and photovoltaic (PV) use, Si characterization, and behavior and effects of impurities and defects on silicon material quality and performance.  

We have our own on-site facilities for lab-scale float zoning (FZ), CZ growth, directional solidification, experimental growth, and silicon characterization which can be applied to experimental feedstock evaluation and new growth concepts.

In this site, you can learn more about Siliconsultant, access publication references, examine past accomplishments and research activities, and provide feedback. Check out the Silicon Info page as well, where you will find a vast collection of  interesting facts about crystalline Si materials. 


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