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  Contents of the Siliconsultant Web Site:

Home The base page from which this site is navigated
    Contents This page
    Background Brief technical background of Siliconsultant
        Patents & Publications Lists Siliconsultant patents and publications
    Facilities Shows some of the equipment we use in our lab R&D work for clients
    Past Work Some examples of past silicon R&D projects and research capabilities
        Contiguous Capillary Coating Original method of coating silicon on open-structure graphite support webs
        Collaboration with Si  Industry Examples of research topics recently conducted with industrial companies
        Defect Studies Summary and example of work in understanding defect effects in silicon
        Electrodeposited Thin-Layer Si Growth of thin Si layers by  electrodeposition
        Electromagnetic Casting Original method for cold-crucible, semicontinuous Si ingot casting
        ESP (String) Ribbon Original method for solidifying a Si ribbon between two edge supports or strings
        Impurity Studies Summary and example of work on impurity effects in silicon
        LPE Thin-Layer Si Growth Growth of thin-layer silicon with large grains 
        Silicon Filament Growth Growth of thin Si filaments from the melt 
        Thin-layer Si on substrates Growth of thin-layer silicon by iodine vapor transport on foreign substrates
    Silicon Info Interesting facts about Si materials and solar cells
        General Information
        Silicon Feedstock
        Silicon Solar Cells
        Silicon Lifetime 
        Silicon Light Absorption
        Silicon Single Crystal Growth
        Silicon Multicrystalline Growth
        Silicon Ribbon Growth
        Silicon Thin-layer Growth
        Comparison of Growth Methods
        Future silicon PV trends
    Contact  How to contact us with suggestions and/or inquiries


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