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Past Work:  Si Filament (Si Fi) Growth

To explore crystal growth of thin Si filaments for potential use in applications such as PV multi-concentrator arrays, IR light guides, and delay lines, we used three methods:

  -High-purity, single-crystal pedestal float-zoning (top)
  -Rapid dendrite growth from supercooled melts (middle)
  -Solidifying tubular filaments from capillary dies (bottom).

Charge-carrier lifetimes of 660 μs, 53 μs, and 42 μs were seen, respectivelyThis work was a feasibility demonstration. Some X-ray topographic and lifetime characterization was carried out, but additional effort would be needed to fully characterize the materials and demonstrate devices. For more details, see the references below.

T.F. Ciszek and T.H. Wang, "Growth and Properties of Silicon Filaments for Photovoltaic Applications," in: 26th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialist Conf. Record, Anaheim, CA, Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 1997 (IEEE, New Jersey, 1997) pp. 103-106.
T.F. Ciszek and T.H. Wang, "Float-zone Pedestal Growth of Thin Silicon Filaments," in: High Purity Silicon V, Eds. C.L. Claeys, P. Rai-Choudhury, M. Watanabe, P. Stallhofer, and H.J. Dawson (The Electrochemical Soc., Proceedings Volume 98-13, New Jersey, 1998) pp. 85-89.


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